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Welcome to the Heavenly Marriage Course

Being Married Should Be Your Closest Experience to Being In Heaven 

When God first created marriage by uniting Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, they were literally in heaven. 

Now we live in a world that is far from heavenly, but just adding the perfect partner to your life on this earth can give you a taste of the joy of Heaven.

If this is not what you are experiencing being married, then you need to learn how to make your marriage experience a heavenly one. 

This seminar will give you the tools to do this. 

Distance Learning Option

Even if you cannot attend this seminar live, you may register as a Distance Student and get all the videos, audios and other materials as a download online. 

It will be like attending live, even though you are not here in the flesh. 

Bonus Materials

The cost of purchasing this seminar is R750 for one person, or R1000 for a couple to access the course.

When you register and pay for the Heavenly Marriage Seminar you will get the following:

Three Powerful Ebooks to Download

 Finding God’s Perfect Match

Valued at $20.00 or R250.00

Finding God's Perfect Match
  • Designed Specifically For Those Who Are Looking For a Life Partner
  • This book will also remind you why you got married in the first place
  • The memory of your first love will bring a sparkle back into your marriage

Living With God’s Perfect Match

Valued at $20.00 or R250.00

Living With God's Perfect Match
  • The Seminar Will Cover Some of These Materials in Detail
  • Included in this book is a section on family and children, not covered in the Seminar

Heavenly Marriage Course

Valued at $20.00 or R250.00

Heavenly Marriage
  • A selection of powerful articles and projects that will bring your marriage to life
  • This makes a useful addition to what you will learn in the seminar